Kratom Sales

Currently there is heavy bias against Kratom sales so few Credit Card Companies will process Kratom purchases even though Kratom is LEGAL for the entire U.S. at the Federal Level.

It is possible to get Credit Card processing by going Offshore with Foreign Entities but we’ve been at this a while and in our experience going offshore often results in Transaction Failures, Credit Card Fraud, and Identity Theft.

It is for these reasons we primarily use the following two methods to secure your orders. Rest assured we are always researching options to make your purchase as easy and as efficient as possible.


Zelle is our preferred method and we highly recommend you use this as it is fast, safe, super easy, and free.

All you need to do is complete your order and then log into your REGULAR BANKING ACCOUNT.

Once inside your Bank Account, look for “send money” or something similar and choose ZELLE. It should already be there waiting for you. It’s a quick setup and then you’re ready to make payment using the following:

Payment: Total $ Amount of your Order.
Pay To:
Reference: Your Order Number

Complete and send. That’s it – your order will be processed upon receipt of funds… usually within minutes.

Note: Zelle Pay is also available as a stand alone App which can be downloaded from both Google Play and iStore. You can also visit their website at:


Cash App is a great way to send and receive money.

It works in a similar way as Zelle in that money is transferred directly from account balance held at Cash App or from your bank account.

Cash App requires a download which is available at Google Play, Apple iStore, and the Cash App website. It is a fairly quick setup and once completed simply enter the following to complete your payment to Old Man Kratom.

Payment: Total $ Amount of your order
Pay To: @oldmankratom
Reference: Your ORDER NUMBER

Complete and send and that’s it – we will begin processing your order as soon as funds are received… usually within minutes.

To visit Cash App website:

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