Old Man Kratom is just my family and I doing the very best we can to provide high quality products and offer them to you with excellent service and pricing.

I’ve always been a bit of an “out of box” thinker. I strongly believe that we should seek out natural solutions to our needs whenever possible and in doing so my searching eventually led me to Kratom.

That was some time ago and in the early days the Kratom shopping experience was quite unreliable. At times buying Kratom was not only difficult but also expensive and risky. Out of that mire, and the desire to do better, Old Man Kratom was born.

Our beginnings were humble, selling Kratom from the back of my car or backpack to my Yoga Students, friends and family. Fortunately as word grew, Old Man Kratom also grew and here we are today shipping to many satisfied customers all over the USA.

Our success reminds me of the phrase… “Out of small things come great things” and in our case it’s true.

We owe you so much. Without you, we would never have come this far and with you we are excited to see where the future leads.


Brian “Old Man Kratom” Ball

Great product, keep up the good work!

Danny K.

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